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What size bolt/screw/nut is this or will fit the                   on my (Year) FJ40? Or What are the specs and measurements of this bolt/screw/nut: Toyota Part Number                   ?
Please take a look at our extensive Part Number Database located HERE.  We have over 400 OEM Toyota Bolts,Nuts,Screws & Washers on hand to cross reference exactly.  Generally we are able to provide replacements for any M6 & M8 machine screws, and M6,M8, & M10 hex bolts.  
How is Overland Metric different from other vendors or my hardware store?
Overland Metric is the only US source for true JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Hardware that has been manufactured specifically for Land Cruiser restorations and applications.  This means correct indented heads on everything, and correct wrench sizes on everything.  Additionally, our carbon steel hex bolts are all strength Class 10.9 and our stainless hardware is marine grade A4-70 (316 Class 70) stainless steel. Finally we lab test to verify composition and strength.  See below for the differences between our A4-70 (316) stainless and the more typical A2 (304 or 18-8) stainless.
What is JIS and why is it important?
JIS is shorthand for Japanese Industrial Standard, which is the fastener standard used on all Land Cruisers.  Toyota intelligently designed the Land Cruiser with largely three metric sizes and corresponding wrench heads (see Table below).  Typical DIN standard metric bolts found in hardware stores have different wrench sizes compared to JIS.  Overland Metric was started in 2009 so that we could source bolts with the correct wrench heads, and avoid introducing another size of bolt and wrenches needed to enjoy our Cruiser.  
Whatever you do, please do not put a 13mm M8 bolt on your Cruiser.
 Hex Bolt Diameter

Overland Metric
JIS Standard
Wrench Size

Wrench Size


10mm 10mm


12mm 13mm


14mm 17mm
What is the difference between more typical A2 (304 or 18-8) Stainless and Overland Metric's A4-70 (316) Stainless Hardware?
A2 (304 or 18-8) Stainless has decent corrosion resistance under normal circumstances and exposure.  It is often used in building materials, bathrooms, kitchens, suitable chemical environments, and even some automotive use.  Overland Metric's research has shown that most hardware available from other sources will be A2 (304 or 18-8) stainless.  
A4-70 (316) Stainless is highly corrosion resistant and is commonly used in marine environments or other industrial atmospheres with severe oxidizing acids.  A4 (316) Stainless derives its additional corrosion resistance from the addition of 2-3% molybdenum into its chemical composition that A2 (304 or 18-8) does not have. 
In general, for the nominal cost increase in raw materials, we wanted to offer the best in corrosion resistance for all of the environments our customers will be using our hardware in, and to do this, we chose A4-70 (316). 
Can I use one of your Stainless Fasteners for                                   ?

There are  applications that stainless fasteners are not suitable for.  Overland Metric does not make recommendations on applications.  It is up to our customers to make all decisions on where and how to use our fasteners.  

What are the strength characteristics of Overland Metric hardware?

Carbon Steel Hex Bolts are all Class 10.9
Stainless Steel Screws and Bolts are Class 70
Material Strength Grade or Class Yield Strength (psi) Tensile Strength (psi)
Carbon Steel Grade 5 92,000 120,000
Carbon Steel Grade 8 130,000 150,000
Carbon Steel Class 8.8 92,800 116,000
OLM Carbon Steel Class 10.9 136,300 150,800
Stainless Steel Class 50 30,400 72,500
OLM Stainless Steel Class 70 65,200 101,500